Family Rules The New CD from the Mydols

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Hula Twist (Von Buskirk/Rasmussen)

Dinosaur Rock (Boyle/Miller)

Rocket Robot (Miller)

Six Questions (Von Buskirk/Miller)

Hot Rod Your Home (Davids/Rasmussen)

Gonna Find You (Von Buskirk/Miller)

Don't Wanna (Davids/Gilbert)

Cozyland Hotel (Von Buskirk/Miller)

Twinkle Twinkle (Traditional)

Lullaby (Miller)

Produced by Johnny Miller and recorded at Tempermill Studio in Ferndale, Michigan.

Cover Photo: Dan Lippett

Art Direction: Gene Simmons.

Rock Star Mommy is a rallying cry for every woman who fondly recalls when she spent more time in mosh pits than “Mommy and Me” classes to adopt a rock ‘n roll attitude toward life. Based on Judy Davids’ experiences as a music fan, a mother, and the leader of one of the first “mommy” rock bands in the country, it tells the story of the Mydols’ path to success and the inspiration it gave Judy—and so many other moms—to embrace creativity and pursue their dreams.

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