Donna Marino Turner, with over twenty-five years of proven experience in cause related work, recognized a critical need for this valuable service. BCause Marketing Group was founded to provide expertise to not-for-profit groups, charities, foundations, elected officials and individuals who would like to make a difference in their community.

Donna Marino Turner
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Creating Progressive Solutions
The BCause Marketing Group Team each have over 20 years experience in their individual fields and provide the progressive solutions that eliminate costly turn-over and retraining of new staff. Once contracted, we can evaluate your current structure, methods, staff, goals and previous success and design a plan to help your Cause reach its full potential. We also provide service for a specific area of need, event or

We are Your Valuable Not-For-Profit Resource
BCause Marketing Group is a valuable resource for fundraising/development projects in a approach that makes the process of not-for-profit marketing easy and efficient.